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The Jung Forum Association has been a part of the Edmonton community for ten years.

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The Jung Forum Association of Edmonton is a non-profit society. We welcome donations (not tax deductible at this time) to continue providing our educational forums to the community. Thank you for your support!


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Season Calendar 2012/13

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At Home in the Language of the Soul
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., Thursday, September 27, 2012
Presenter: Josephine Evetts-Secker, Jungian Analyst

Language has a primary importance in Jungian psychology and its practice. Jung saw every speech act as a psychic event. Even the “worker words” in language, like prepositions or conjunctions carry particular archetypal energies, working dynamically and daimonically in the conduct of transformational narrative and realizing both personal and collective purposes. The lecture aims to deepen our consciousness of psyche’s speech as it occurs in our professional discourses, in psychoanalytic encounters, in dreams, in fairy tales, myths and poetry, and to kindle or rekindle our engagement with language.
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Presenter bio: Josephine was born and educated in England. She studied at the University of London and, as a post-graduate student, worked as research assistant on Randolph Quirk’s Survey of English Usage. She finished training at the Jung Institute in 1988 and developed a private practice in Calgary while teaching English literature at the University. She returned to Britain in 1997 where she is now in private practice. She has served for many years on the council of the London IGAP training programme. She lectures regularly for ISAP in Zurich and has lectured for Jung societies in Canada and USA.  She has published poetry, articles, lectures and book chapters, and edited collections of fairy tales for Barefoot Books, now published in several languages. Her new book, At Home in the Language of the Soul is published by Spring Journal Books, in conjunction with the Zurich Jung Lectures, delivered in October 2011. She is an ordained priest in the Anglican Church. She continues her Jungian practice and serves as curate in the Mulgrave parishes, six rural churches north of Whitby.

Location & Admission:
University of Alberta
Rm 2-115, Education North click here for map
Admission: $15.00 members, $10.00 student/senior members, $25.00 non-members

Note: Please ensure you have purchased your new membership for the 2012/13 Jung Forum season if you are purchasing admission to this event as a member. Yearly memberships have now changed to be effective for the term of our season, not as in the past when yearly memberships were based on date of purchase. You will be able to pick up your new membership card at the event. Please ensure you bring your receipt. Click here for online purchase of annual membership


Jung on the Apocalyptic Dimensions of Climate Change
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., Thursday, November 15, 2012
Presenter: Dennis L. Merritt, Jungian Analyst

Carl Jung believed a paradigm shift was needed to avoid the Apocalypse described in the last book in the Bible—drought, disease, famine, and massive destruction of the planet. It could literally come true from climate change. Jung envisioned an age of greater feminine energy, the emergence of new spiritual forms, and people experiencing an ensouled world—an eco-consciousness. This lecture looks at the major changes that have to occur in order to deal with climate change.
Click here for flyer with further information

Location & Admission:
University of Alberta
Rm 2-115, Education North click here for map
Admission: $20.00 members, $15.00 student/senior members, $30.00 non-members

See Dennis' books! We are pleased to announce that copies of Dennis' books on Jung and Ecopsychology: The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe Volume I, and the newly released The Cry of Merlin: Jung, the Prototypical Ecopsychologist, The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe Volume II.


Charity Film Night!
The Winds of Heaven: Emily Carr, Carvers and the Spirit of the Forest

7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Friday, December 7, 2012

Members...receive the gift of admission! The Jung Forum Association of Edmonton is pleased to present this year's Charity Movie: "The Winds of Heaven": Emily Carr, Carvers and the Spirit of the Forest". Winds of Heaven is a ninety-minute filmic journey into the deep brooding mystery and inner beauty of Emily Carr's paintings - a lyrical, luminescent and entertaining impression of the life of Carr and her connection to the First Nations people of the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. Click here for flyer with more information.

Location & Admission:
University of Alberta
Rm 2-115, Education North click here for map
Admission: Members: no charge, Non-members: $5.00
We will be receiving donations of food or cash with all proceeds of the evening donated to the Edmonton Food Bank.


Creativity, Healing and the Dream
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. February 8, 2013
Presenter: Karen Williams, MA, R.Psych

"Dreams show us how to find meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life in us." -- Marie Louise von Franz, The Way of the Dream

Join us this evening for this engaging presentation by Karen Williams, who will talk about her experience with creativity, healing and dreams. Karen says, "Almost 28 years ago, I dreamt of a beautiful plum woman flowing as she moved through the forest. Hers was a special gift, for with her paintbrush, she could touch both nature and paper at the same time. I took up that paintbrush, and through painting the images in my dream I found great healing. Through some of these paintings, I would like to present the experience of coming to know what von Franz describes as the greater potential of life in us; exploring this art through the work of Carl Jung, not just as a theory - but lived experience." Click here for flyer with further information.

Location & Admission:
University of Alberta
Rm 2-115, Education North click here for map
Admission: Members: $15.00, Student/Senior members: $10,00, Non-members: $25.00

Presenter bio: For 28 years I have been exploring my dreams through paint. Knowing I was on a journey to work with clients and their dreams, I set off on a meandering path of education that was always explored from a Jungian perspective. In the early 90’s, I received my BA in Art and Design with a minor in Classics from the University of Alberta. In 2002, I received my Masters of the Arts in Counseling with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California, USA. From there in private practice, I married my love of art and the creative with Jungian Psychology in my work with clients. For over ten years, my work has varied from art therapy groups with Aboriginal clients recovering from addictions and clients healing from cancer to working individually with children including autism and learning challenges. In 2011, I became a Registered Psychologist. I live in Edmonton with my family, where I continue in private practice working with client’s dreams and the creative to help them realize the greater potential in themselves. Visit Karen's website for more information


Annual General Meeting
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., Friday, March 22, 2013

Volunteers needed to keep the Jung Forum going strong!

Would you like to enhance your connection with the personal and collective spirit of Jungian-based ideas and philosophy? How would you like to spend more time with people of like-mind, who are interested in all things Jungian?

The Jung Forum Association of Edmonton’ss Annual General Meeting is approaching and we need new Round Table volunteers to step forward at the AGM to replace retiring members. This will be necessary in order to offer Forum events in the future. Most of the positions need representation, such as, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Community Relations Chair, Parliamentary Procedure Chair, Book Coordinator, and others. In addition, we always welcome volunteers to help with the logistics of the Jung Forum events. Jungian knowledge or specific experience is not necessary, just a desire for community.

We are a fun and supportive group, meeting approximately once/month in a social manner (with wine) to foster personal connections while addressing the business and organizational needs of the Forum.

For those who are interested, a social gathering will occur at Earl’s on campus after the meeting.

Come and help shape the future of the Jung Forum Association! All are welcome! For more information contact us

University of Alberta
Rm 358, Education South click here for map


Lectures & Writing Workshop
April 4, 5 & 6, 2013
Presenter: Robert Romanyshyn, PhD

Daytime Lecture
2:00 - 4:00 p.m., Thursday, April 4, 2013
Melting Polar Ice: Inner Journeys in the Outer World
Phenomenology and depth psychology converge toward the same latency of what has been described as the unconscious. Each is a work of anamnesis, of unforgetting, and each takes up that work in different ways. Phenomenology, especially the work of Merleau-Ponty, emphasizes the recovery of the gestural body, while depth psychology, especially the work of Jung, emphasizes the complex character of our embodiment. The primary focus of this lecture is the value of a dialogue between these two traditions. Click here for poster with more information.

Location of lecture:
University of Alberta
Telus Centre, Rm. 135, click here for map

Evening Lecture
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., Friday, April 5, 2013
Melting Polar Ice: Inner Journeys in the Outer World
In November 2009 I returned from a journey to the Antarctic. This journey, which began with a dream more than 30 years ago, was an inner journey in the outer world, a psychological and spiritual transformation.  On my return I made a DVD that uses images, music and words to try to capture something of that wondrous landscape. Building on the DVD presentation I will discuss how the ecological crises posed by the melting polar ice needs to be and can be reframed as a psychological issue as well as a scientific, technological, political and economic issue. In this re-framing I will emphasize the role of an aesthetic response to nature that reminds us that we are a part of nature and not apart from it. Click here for poster with more information.

Location & Admission of lecture:
University of Alberta
Rm 2-115, Education North click here for map

Admission: Members: $20.00, Members (Student/Senior): $15,00, Non-members: $35.00

10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.,
Saturday April 6, 2013
Writing workshop: A Portrait in Dreams
When one takes into account the reality of unconscious dynamic factors in human life, the issue of its impact on thinking and writing becomes an important question. In this workshop we will explore this issue in terms of two major themes. First, we will consider the relation between thinking and dreaming as we move away from the idea that privileges thinking over dreaming. Through examples we will explore the possibility of their chiasm or crossing and consider how their connection re-imagines dream work in terms of embodying the dream. When the dream is made flesh we discover that while we forget our dreams they do not forget us. To illustrate this first theme of the workshop I will work with a few dreams. Participants are asked to bring a dream.

Second, we will build on the above and consider how one writes in the gap between dreaming and thinking, on the threshold between dreaming and thinking, in the dark light that is neither the darkness of night nor the light of day. Here I will draw on the chapter in The Wounded Researcher on 'Writing Down the Soul.' In this portion of the workshop, each participant will be invited to work with the dream he or she has brought and to begin to construct their life as A Portrait in Dreams. Through a series of experiential exercises accompanied by music each of us might begin to discover the patterns of that life of which he or she has not been the maker. Click here for poster with further information.

Location & Admission of workshop:
University of Alberta
Rm 358-366, Education South click here for map

Admission: Members: $80.00, Members (Student/Senior): $75,00, Non-members: $100.00

Presenter bio: Robert D. Romanyshyn is a teacher, writer, and psychotherapist trained in phenomenology and Jungian psychology. An Affiliate Member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, he is a senior core faculty member in the Depth Psychotherapy Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute.


Tracking "Animal Roots" in the Life & Work of Emily Carr
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Friday, May 3, 2013
Presenter: Alexandra Fidyk, PhD, Jungian Psychotherapist

In highlighting the symbolic events in the life of Canadian artist Emily Carr, a case is made for the transformative relationship with the art complex. Here a backdrop to the first half of Carr's life is narrated through key events that marked Carr's loss, growing pains, joys and achievements. At age 56, she had a numinous encounter that symbolized the transition to the second half of life and ushered in a new relationship with "animal roots". For the next decade her psychological maturation was reflected in developing her own painting methods, writing, and a more conscious relationship to self. In tracking these events and her accompanying psychological states, feelings, and emotions, one can witness a journey of individuation by her embrace of the numinous. For Carr, such experiences arose through her relationship with the wilderness of the Canadian west coast. Click here for poster with further information

Location & Admission of workshop:
University of Alberta
Rm 2-115 Education North click here for map

Admission: Members: $15.00, Members (Student/Senior): $10.00, Non-members: $25.00

Presenter bio: Alexandra Fidyk, PhD and Certified Jungian Psychotherapist, holds the positions of Assistant Professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta and adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, CA. She has published poetry, essays, chapters and edited books on Silence, Eros, suffering, the art complex, mythopoetics and issues concerning depth psychology and education. For more information, visit her profile at the U of A: www.secondaryed.ualberta.ca











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